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KATE DORWARD (she/her)

I am passionate about supporting and helping people with their relationships. When we hear the word relationship, we often think of our personal and intimate relationships with partners, children, parents, siblings, and friends.  However, we also have a relationship with so many other things, such as food, alcohol, exercise, mental health, and ourselves.  In fact, our relationship with ourselves is the foundation of all our other relationships.  How we relate to ourselves affects how we relate to others.

We are hard-wired to connect and be in relationships with others; it's survival. However, sometimes our relationships can be challenging, complicated, or harmful.  This can lead us to seek comfort or escape in other “things” that may not be healthy or helpful for us.  My role is to help you enhance your relationships, whether they are with people, with “things”, or with yourself.

“Improving your relationship with yourself will automatically improve your other relationships”.

Together we can get curious about patterns that show up in your family.  By family I mean the family that you grew up in, the family that your parents grew up in and the family you have now.  I am particularly interested in patterns that are present during times of stress.  These are known as trans-generational processes.  These unspoken, un-noticed patterns are often the root cause of challenges within our relationships.

If you would like to know more about how we can work together, please use the contact form and we can arrange a free 20-minute telephone or video consultation.

Training, qualifications & experience

  •      MSc in Systemic Family Therapy
  •      PG Certificate Working Systemically with children, young people, and their Families.
  •      Level 6 Working Systemically in a Professional Context
  •      Level 4 Certificate in Counselling Supervision
  •      Certificate in Counselling
  •      Advanced Diploma in Counselling
  •      NVQ Level 3 in Mentoring
  •      TA 101
  •      Child Protection
  •      Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
  •      Solution Focussed Therapy
  •      Working with Self Harm
  •      Attachment Narrative in Families

Third Wave CBT includes.

  •      ACT, Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy
  •      Compassion Focussed Therapy,
  •      DBT, Dialectical Behaviourial Therapy
  •      Mindfulness
  •      CBT, Cognitive, Behaviourial, Therapy.

Trauma Focussed CBT for Children and Young People