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There are many reasons why couples may choose to access couples counselling, but the main reason is that their relationship matters to them.  All relationships will go through challenges, and sometimes a trained professional is needed to help facilitate conversations. If you and your partner are experiencing challenges in your relationship, you might want to consider couples counselling.

Who it's for

Couples counselling is for anyone who wants to improve their relationship and themselves. It doesn't matter how old you are, how long you've been together, or what kind of relationship you have. Couples counselling is for everyone who cares about their partner and wants to grow together. Couples counselling can help you with all kinds of challenges in your relationship. Some common challenges that we work with are lack of intimacy, communication breakdown, trust, jealousy, and infidelity issues.

How it works

Couples counselling is a place where you can be honest and open with your partner, with a trained therapist who can support and guide you. The therapist will help you explore how your past experiences affect your current relationship and what experiences may mean to you as individuals as well as help to identify and break free from unhealthy patterns. It can make your relationship stronger and happier by improving your understanding of each other and increasing respect and support for each other. Other long-term benefits of couples counselling are improved communication and having more fun together. 

What to expect

Couple counselling sessions usually last about an hour and take place once a week or every other week. It is important to choose a therapist who suits your needs and preferences, such as their gender, background, approach, or specialty.

At Clarity Thinking Psychotherapy, we have a particular interest in and lived experience in Intercultural relationships.  For Couples Counselling we prefer to work face to face however online options can be discussed.

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